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A Warm Winter by Ally Owen

Walking down the rocky slope toward the cool river water recreates the memories of my childhood. Spending hours making castles out of sand and jumping off of rocks plunging into the wet seltzer like water. Thin yet tall trees surround the icy paradise that so clearly reminds me of my warm summer getaways. Although it’s winter my mind brings me back to summer, the ice is slippery like when you spill soda on the floor and haven’t picked it up yet.  The further I walk down the thin layers of ice the further my mind goes back to how fondly I loved this place. The ice starts to crack underneath my old and used bear paws. The wind that brushed my face was similar to when I would see how long I could stay under the water and just drift, having my hair flow in front of my face.

A Branch in Winter by Anabel Reining

A young conifer grows in the shadows of many old evergreens
tall and thin from a lifetime of reaching towards the distant sun
and sleeping patiently
waiting for the end of the hungry winter
A nearly leafless branch resembles a skeletal hand
with bones fused together by some wizardry
a knuckle at every spot that a twig splits into two
almost comically slender
and rather lifeless
But also a slice of a moment of motion
of playful running and a stumble
of anxious anticipation of a painful landing
of a hand thrown out instinctively
A sleeping branch is fear and exhilaration
frozen mid-fall
and is quite alive