Knots and Cordage

coming soon! tie a bowline one handed, learn the cinch knot, make rope from tall grass or cattails.

Here are the 10 knots we will cover:

  • Bowline: an incredible rescue knot, puts a loop at the end of a cord so you can haul someone up from danger! Easy to untie.
  • Clove Hitch: a quick and easy way to attach a rope to a pole; also used to start a lashing for building shelters or camp furniture
  • Figure 8 Stopper: tied ahead of another knot, it prevents that knot from slipping loose. Basis for all figure 8 knots.
  • Double figure eight “follow through:” basic safety knot for climbing.
  • Sheet Bend (or, even better, a Double or Triple Sheet Bend!): used for joining two ropes together, especially when they’re of different sizes
  • Square (Reef) Knot: best for tying a bundle or attaching something to your pack (NOTE: do NOT use the Square Knot to join two ropes together! A significant amount of deaths from knot failures are due to this mistake!)
  • Tautline (Trucker’s) Hitch: allows you to tighten down a rope; good for tent stakes and shelter building
  • Two Half Hitches: a more secure way to attach a rope to a pole
  • Sheepshank: used to shorten a rope or to bypass a weak section of a rope
  • Prussic loop: Used for ascending a rope.

We may also learn some good knots for fishing, like the blood knot, the cinch, double turtle, and loop knot.

You can learn any of these on the internet, but here is a link to a great animated instruction website:

Animated Knot Website